Season 2,

Allen and Marilyn Splete


One phrase Allen and Marilyn Splete have used to help characterize their philanthropy is a “lifetime of doing.” Their experience in giving back stretches across many decades and through many communities in Northern New York. Allen and Marilyn share their personal stories of where they grew up. Allen discusses his parents’ passion for helping in Carthage. Marilyn highlights key values learned from her family to make a community better. The conversation also features experiences in higher education, a love for people and organizations in the North Country, and the satisfaction of participating in philanthropy.

Allen and Marilyn Splete

“Philanthropy is an avenue. It’s an avenue through which you can channel your energies. It provides structure. It provides meaning … and once the choice is made, what you’re doing is saying, I feel fulfilled inside, because it’s been my conscious choice to do this. And by doing it, I’m making a difference in somebody else’s life.”
– Allen Splete

  • 5:05

    The Splete family legacy in Carthage

  • 12:15

    Education brings Marilyn and Allen together

  • 23:50

    Allen’s experience as a college president and higher education leader

  • 31:40

    Why North Country ties are lasting

  • 41:00

    Considerations and satisfaction in giving to your community



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