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Becky Van de Water


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Becky Van de Water’s life is a genuine love story. For her, the affinity began in the village of Canton, and with a proud, liberal arts institution in St. Lawrence University. Then, soon after, it was finding a soulmate in that community, and sharing that love made life complete. Becky details growing up in a college town, and meeting her husband, Peter. She shares stories about Peter’s meaningful influence across the North Country. Plus, she reflects on experiencing community philanthropy together, and how Peter has inspired her to continue giving back.

Becky Van de Water

“I think we all have to realize that at some point, we just will blend in, and certainly our children and grandchildren will go on. I’m not too worried about it all … just to do the best you can while you’re here. That’s what (Peter) did. He did the best ever.”
– Becky Van de Water on her husband, Peter

  • 1:33

    Love for St. Lawrence County runs deep

  • 6:50

    The joy in giving back as a family

  • 10:55

    Peter’s imprint on St. Lawrence County

  • 22:55

    Reflecting on an important passage



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