Season 1,

Benjamin and Margaret (Peggy) Coe


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They were born on different coasts.  They have traveled to different parts of the country.  But to Ben and Peggy Coe, the North Country will always be their home.  In this episode, they talk about what brought them to the region.  They also offer insight into why giving together has made their lives gratifying.  Plus, they share a message for the next generation of leaders and much more.

Benjamin P. Coe
Margaret (Peggy) Coe

“Open your eyes and see what you think some of the problems are and some of the needs are. Make a connection with organizations that are involved, or dream up something on your own, and give your first volunteer hour and your first dollar. And once you do that you begin to understand philanthropy.”
– Benjamin Coe

  • 3:20

    Classmates to soulmates

  • 8:05

    Ben and Peggy get involved

  • 9:45

    Peggy’s experience launching local chapters and organizations to support women

  • 17:25

    Ben discusses the establishment of the Volunteer Transportation Center

  • 22:50

    Enjoying philanthropy together

  • 30:00

    A message for the next generation of community leaders


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