Season 3,

Bruce Irwin and David Stoodley


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Their first conversations started in church and centered on baseball. Today, the chats between Bruce Irwin and David Stoodley are more diverse, but are guaranteed to mention food. More specifically, food items to purchase for individuals and families in need. On this podcast, Bruce and David talk about their weekly food pantry shopping to benefit families through the Watertown Urban Mission. They also share their individual backstory and roots in giving. Plus, Bruce and David mention favorite charitable efforts and how they impact the North Country.

Bruce Irwin and David Stoodley

You see it if you’re out in the community at all, which both of us are. You see the need. The agencies I’m most involved with are the (Watertown Urban) Mission and Salvation Army. You know, you see it every day and you start to wonder, ‘Well, can I do something? Even on a small scale?

– Bruce Irwin

  • 3:00

    Service, sports, and shipping

  • 10:10

    Motivated by family

  • 18:10

    Connecting congregation to the food pantry

  • 28:10

    Identifying areas of community need



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