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Charles and Higouhi Owens


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The bustling town of Massena is where they met. Today, they live in Gouverneur and along the St. Lawrence River. But for Charles and Higouhi Owens, St. Lawrence County has always been their home. Charlie and Hi give listeners a glimpse into the North Country’s thriving communities following the opening of the St. Lawrence Seaway. Charlie and Hi also discuss the importance of starting a STEM-related scholarship for area students and the importance of philanthropy to the future of St. Lawrence County.

Charles and Higouhi Owens

“I’d like to think that maybe some of the people that are going to benefit from (our) scholarship will not forget it. And, at some point down the road, share some of their success with this area. Obviously, if they’re graduating from our schools here, they’ve lived here and benefited from life here … if this scholarship helps them get to where they are going to be in another 30 years, hopefully they’ll support this area.”
– Charles Owens

  • 1:10

    Two different paths to St. Lawrence County

  • 13:30

    Writing a prescription … for a monkey

  • 19:90

    Contributing to the growth of Kinney Drugs

  • 28:40

    Creating an opportunity to support STEM education

  • 34:50

    How philanthropy can be a catalyst for Northern New York



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