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The Brennan and Barone Family


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History has played a meaningful role in the life of Jeannie Brennan.  She and her husband, Bob, passed on a love for history, and the village of Sackets Harbor, to their daughter, Connie, and her husband, Larry.  Jeannie, Connie and Larry explain why the historical village gives them a “sense of place,” how history is critical to a community’s growth and development, and what steps can be taken to inspire youth in philanthropy.

Jeannie Brennan
Constance Brennan Barone
Lawrence Barone

“We see ways in Sackets Harbor where people have joined forces to make positive things happen within the village and within the town that surrounds the village, and then as you keep spreading out from there and you’re looking at the big picture, the whole North Country, then it takes a lot of people working together to make positive things happen.”
– Constance Barone

  • 1:35

    The true story behind the spelling of Sackets Harbor

  • 5:25

    Learning to love local history

  • 8:00

    Returning to their roots

  • 16:50

    Philanthropy’s impact in a historical village

  • 25:10

    One way to inspire youth in community engagement


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