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Dani Baker


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Dani Baker has always had a plan. At the center of her plan was to create a meaningful and purposeful life – for herself and the communities where she lived. In this episode, Dani shares her journey to the North Country, and the genesis of a sustainable farm on Wellesley Island. She discusses the tragedy of losing her son, Marc, and how it has impacted her giving. Dani also offers personal tenets of philanthropy and what has inspired her to give back to the region.

Dani Baker

“The people you meet, the relationships you form when you’re (giving back) are priceless. I think just for that, to get out in the community and volunteer in some fashion, and then helping when you’re in a position financially to help with any kind of worthy cause. Even helping to raise money, that’s very important. And that’s more volunteering, donating your time, rather than your financial assets. But I think that is so essential for the health of the community.”
– Dani Baker

  • 2:05

    Cultivating a love for the outdoors

  • 9:00

    The creation of Cross Island Farms on Wellesley Island

  • 16:40

    Honoring the legacy of a son

  • 20:05

    Dani’s reasons for giving and the fulfillment it brings



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