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Donald Whitney


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Donald Whitney comes from a family of givers. He believes that helping your community in any fashion is part of gratifying life. In this episode, Don shares local family history dating back to the early 1800’s. He talks about the joy of being an educator and school administrator. Plus, he gives listeners a glimpse into the stewardship of a private foundation linked to his family, and what’s necessary to involve students in philanthropy.

Donald Whitney

“Philanthropy is so important because it creates a culture. It creates a culture that, the more we give, the better it is for everyone. So that’s very, very important … We can always do more. We have to remember that.”
– Donald Whitney

  • 2:10

    Family ties to the War of 1812

  • 5:35

    Dabbling in education and local business

  • 12:35

    The history of the Daisy Marquis Jones Foundation

  • 16:40

    Why celebrating philanthropy with students is important



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