Season 1,

Richard E. Alexander Jr.

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There have been many blessings in Dick Alexander’s life. One of the greatest joys has been addressing community needs he cares about most. In this episode, Dick talks about becoming a businessman in Utica, his arrival in Northern New York, and how participation in Rotary sparked his passion to help others. He shares his gratifying experience assisting disadvantaged children and adults. Also, he explains why offering time is an important element of philanthropy.

Richard E. Alexander Jr.

“Watertown may not be my hometown, but it’s my town now. It’s always nice to be able to see the results of the seeds you plant while you’re still alive.”
– Richard Alexander Jr.

  • 1:55

    Becoming a businessman at an early age

  • 4:05

    Journey from Utica to Watertown

  • 12:55

    A budding relationship with Rotary, Dodge Pond Camp and St. Lawrence NYSARC

  • 15:45

    The rewards of giving back


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