Season 2,

Frank and Ann Cean


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The common thread that has been woven into the life of Frank and Ann Cean has been dedication – to family, work and community. As North Country natives, Frank and Ann have set an outstanding example for how to serve your community at several levels. In this episode, they share important lessons learned from loved ones. Frank goes into detail about keeping the doors open at Knowlton Brothers, Inc., and creating a thriving, global business with a local location. They also share what their philanthropy has meant to them, and how guiding today’s young professionals will help sustain a community culture of giving back.

Frank and Ann Cean

“Without educating the young people, and showing them what can be accomplished, they will not have the interest in the North Country that we have today. It is imperative that we spend time with them, set examples for them. Our future depends on them.”
– Frank Cean

  • 4:05

    Valuable lessons from family

  • 8:30

    Frank’s start in paper science engineering

  • 12:35

    Saving Knowlton Brothers, Inc. in an evolving industry

  • 18:20

    Supporting each other and the community

  • 22:20

    The importance of mentoring youth in philanthropy



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