Season 1,

Harold and Sally L’Huillier


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Growing up during the Great Depression, Harold and Sally L’Huillier understood the importance of cherishing what you have.  The tragic loss of a son made their spirit for giving back even stronger. Harold and Sally talk about their lives, how their giving changed and why supporting local organizations or causes are vitally important.

Harold L’Huillier
Sally L’ Huillier

“Start small. Pick the people (and organizations) that you know that you like, and have heard about what they do, and go see them. See what their needs are and volunteer the (gift) then.”
– Harold L’Huillier

  • 1:10

    Life in the North Country: Great Depression, World War II & post-war eras

  • 14:22

    Gratification in giving to local organizations

  • 28:55

    Reflections on owning a local business in Watertown

  • 36:00

    The ties between personal loss and giving back

  • 44:20

    Connecting family and philanthropy


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