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Jeffrey and Brenna Ginger


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Philanthropy impacts people of all ages. Participation in philanthropy can also happen at any age. Giving back to others has a special meaning to Jeff and Brenna Ginger. The Gingers are Adams Center residents and educators at two area school districts. Jeff is the principal at Mannsville Elementary School within the South Jefferson Central District. Brenna is a high school English teacher within the Watertown City School District.

Jeff and Brenna will discuss the role of millennials in community philanthropy. They also share their first personal experiences in philanthropy and giving back, as well as the importance of instilling these values in their three children and today’s students.

Jeff and Brenna Ginger

“If you give your time or your resources to some kind of pursuit, or a foundation, or a goal, you’re saying to that person or that foundation, I believe that you can make a difference. It can be a dollar, it can be an hour of service, it can be anything, but we tend to isolate ourselves and then when someone reaches out and says, ‘Hey, I recognize what you’re doing, and I believe in it,’ sometimes that’s just the boost that we need to work that extra bit harder that will make the cause successful.”
– Brenna Ginger

  • 1:40

    Their expectations for giving back to the community

  • 3:50

    The process in deciding how to give

  • 8:25

    Sharing fundamentals of philanthropy in education

  • 17:05

    Why they support a community fund for where they live

  • 21:10

    An appreciation for Ralph Waldo Emerson

  • 24:50

    A message to millennials about giving back



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