Season 3,

Jill & Tim Savage


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Tim and Jill Savage have enjoyed a simpatico relationship with music for most of their lives. As teachers, the Canton residents devote endless hours encouraging the next generation to pursue opportunities in music. They channel their passion for playing into performances for the Orchestra of Northern New York and other community groups. On this podcast, Tim and Jill share the influence of music on their lives, and why performing arts enriches local communities. They also share how music can be a motivator to give back.

Tim and Jill Savage

“Life without music is unthinkable. I think that sums it up really well, as to the role arts plays in a community. Without the arts, it’s lifeless.”
– Tim Savage

  • 4:35

    Together in the pit

  • 13:55

    Picking favorites

  • 23:05

    Inspirations in philanthropy

  • 35:05

    “Life without music is unthinkable”



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