Season 1,

Joe Widrick and Don Hunt


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Philanthropy continues to make its mark in Lewis County. Generations of individuals, families and businesses have advanced the quality of life in several communities in the region. Don Hunt and Joe Widrick provide stories behind successful community projects that have made a difference in Lewis County. Don shares the history of the Pratt-Northam Foundation, and what its presence has meant. Joe and Don also talk about the culture of philanthropy in the area, and why giving back can help keep Lewis County vibrant.

Joseph M. Widrick
Donald Hunt

“It’s the right thing to do, to start with what you have. Get the ball rolling. If you don’t do it, it may not get done.”
– Joe Widrick

  • 1:20

    The culture of philanthropy in Lewis County

  • 5:45

    Joe and Don first meet on the baseball field

  • 15:00

    History of the Pratt-Northam Foundation

  • 21:55

    The inspiration for giving back in Lewis County

  • 29:55

    Why it’s important to engage the next generation in philanthropy

  • 32:35

    The value of sharing philanthropy with family


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