Season 1,

Joseph L. Rich


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What began as a local fundraiser became a mission for a lifetime.  On this podcast, Joe Rich talks about the creation of the Disabled Persons Action Organization (DPAO), his local broadcasting career and favorite memories of the performances and entertainers who have come to Watertown. He also shares some lessons learned from his parents and why giving back today will impact the North Country’s future.

Joseph L. Rich

“It’s not a question of ‘Do I want to?’ You have to. If it’s not giving money, give time, give your effort to help. (Philanthropy) is not only money. It can be anything…”
– Joseph L. Rich

  • 4:00

    Building the DPAO

  • 12:25

    A love for broadcasting

  • 24:30

    Behind-the-scenes at DPAO concerts

  • 28:45

    Performers that almost came to Watertown

  • 32:50

    Why giving is more important than receiving


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