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Kay Church


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Growing up in a home with 11 family members, Kay Church understood sacrifice. At a young age, she also learned to give to others without hesitation. Today, she lives to lift up people in need. Kay shares her story growing up in the small hamlet of Sprague’s Corners (now known as Spragueville), just outside of Gouverneur. She has experienced challenging times and traumatic loss, but her inspiration has been philanthropy. From volunteering at Hospice and Palliative Care of St. Lawrence Valley, to establishing a traveling Clown Ministry in St. Lawrence County, Kay describes how giving back to others has been the greatest gift she has ever received.

Kay Church

“We all have journeys to go on, and in giving, you receive. I think most everybody at one time or another in their life, whether it is financially, health wise, in some way will have a need in their lifetime … and if my children, my grandchildren can share with others and make that difference by just a listening ear, in some small way … then they’re making a difference to mankind.”
– Kay Church

  • 4:50

    Sharing values of giving with family

  • 8:00

    A timely blessing

  • 12:32

    Music is a difference-maker

  • 21:25

    The joy of being a full-time volunteer



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