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Kevin A. Kieff


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Kevin Kieff built a fondness for local history at an early age. An affinity for his hometown of Cape Vincent and learning about family lineage fostered a greater love for the North Country over time. From overseeing 24 New York State parks in four counties, to serving as a council member for the city of Watertown, Kevin has tried to help his community in a number of ways. In this conversation, he reflects on his life in Northern New York and shares several examples of giving that has made a meaningful difference to the region.

Kevin A. Kieff

“The most important aspect of vibrant philanthropy in the community is that it really knits together the generations. I think it brings together so many different aspects of a community and the people that live in it, in a bit of a cohesive pattern that it wouldn’t have if it weren’t there.”
– Kevin A. Kieff

  • 1:25

    Looking back at family history

  • 7:15

    An unexpected influencer

  • 13:50

    Protecting New York State parks

  • 24:25

    Favorite examples of philanthropy



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