Season 2,

Lester Allen and Stephen Moyer


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At the center of a community’s growth and prosperity are the people that make it possible.
Lester Allen and Stephen Moyer are a perfect example. They have impacted each community they’ve lived in, but have been true difference-makers in the hamlet of Wanakena and surrounding Adirondack communities. They were instrumental in revitalizing the community through real estate and giving back. After many years, they’ve done more than rebuild and provide houses for others. They’ve created a welcoming home and a culture of philanthropy that continues to inspire friends, families and neighbors.

Lester Allen
Stephen Moyer

“I think all of these (things) together just enriched my understanding of the diversity and needs of people. The importance of growing and transcending beyond your own world experience, and experiencing the world of others, and the joy that gives you. To step outside your own comfort zone … to step outside your own world, and understand the needs and challenges of other people … It’s a very powerful thing to do, and it’s a very gratifying thing to do, to find ways to be there for other people.”
– Stephen Moyer

  • 2:50

    Cultivating careers and appreciation for real estate

  • 8:40

    Making their way to Wanakena

  • 26:55

    Differing motivations to encourage giving

  • 32:15

    How philanthropy may influence the future of the Adirondacks



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