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Nancy Del Borgo


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A life devoted to career and community has been a perfect harmony for Nancy Del Borgo. A long-time Cape Vincent resident, Nancy shares stories on her passion for medicine and music, and why she chose one over the other. She opens up on her journey through the Crane School of Music at SUNY Potsdam, and meeting accomplished conductor (and future husband), Elliot. She also dives into her appreciation for Elliot and his music, and why love is the influential force behind her community philanthropy.

Nancy Del Borgo

“I don’t have the means to do all I would love to do. … But, what small things I can do, give me great satisfaction because of what I see in the faces of people who enjoy or receive what it is that I do. I think you would find that from anybody.”
– Nancy Del Borgo

  • 1:55

    Identifying interests in medicine and music

  • 7:45

    On Elliot Del Borgo: Maestro and music educator

  • 24:10

    Love as the inspiration for giving

  • 32:05

    The hope for how two families will be remembered



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