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Next Generation Leadership


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As communities change over time, so does the leadership behind their evolution. Looking ahead to the North Country’s future, a combination of young leaders from the Northern New York Community Foundation’s Youth Philanthropy Council and LEAD Council got together to discuss various questions on the topic of next generation leadership. The five participants identify leadership traits, their journey in community involvement, and how they hope young leaders become more involved in the future. What’s their message? The next generation of North Country leaders is here and ready to serve.


Grayden Brunet, Senior, Sackets Harbor Central School, YPC member

Joanna Loomis, Director of Provider Strategy and Transformation, North Country Initiative, LEAD Council member

Lauryn Quinn, Senior, Immaculate Heart Central School, YPC member

Erin Simser, Graphic Design and Marketing Specialist, WinnResidential Military Housing Services, LEAD Council member

Robert Sligar, Assistant Vice President, Carthage Savings and Loan Association, LEAD council member

“The biggest thing that you want to remember is that you’re leading for a reason. You’re leading for the people around you and it’s not just your voice that you have to lead for in your head, you have to be respectful and listen to everyone else’s voice, because that’s the true reason why you’re leading.”
– Grayden Brunet

“I think (we could have) more opportunities for young leaders to bring in students into situations where they can learn about the process. So, to sit in on a board meeting and experience what it’s like, to go to a volunteer opportunity and be hands on and see what good it is doing. I think the more we can do that and really get the youth of our community involved … I think it will be beneficial because I think they’ll see what it’s ultimately doing.”
– Erin Simser

“I hope my legacy just inspires others. I don’t have a plan for myself quite yet, but as long as I can inspire others to get involved in the community, I know that I’ve done my job.”
– Lauryn Quinn

  • 5:55

    Characteristics of a leader

  • 13:35

    Observations and experiences in philanthropy

  • 27:44

    How to be a mindful and adaptive leader

  • 36:40

    Evolving legacies



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