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Robert and Jean Sturtz


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For Bob and Jean Sturtz, they understand the sacrifice, hard work and belief it takes to make a community great.  This is just a small sampling of the values that are at the center of their lifetime of impactful philanthropy.  They grew up in Lewis County, enjoyed the early years of married life in St. Lawrence County, before finally raising their family and settling in Jefferson County.  On this podcast, Bob and Jean share their reasons for giving, how the North Country has evolved, professional moves and successes, and where their values for giving came from.

Robert R. Sturtz
Jean S. Sturtz

“It can do more for you in giving back than it does for the people you give it to.”
– Robert R. Sturtz

  • 2:35

    Values and beliefs shaped by war

  • 12:50

    The post-war industrial age of the North Country

  • 22:45

    The scope of supporting those in need

  • 41:10

    Keys to the success of Slack Chemical Company and local business

  • 48:25

    The legacy of the Sturtzes – beliefs, morals and philanthropy


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