Season 2,

The Sicley-Kubis Family


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Imagine being unable to walk up or down a flight of stairs, or lacking an appetite to eat any food. Imagine feeling this way as a young child. This was reality for Mabel Sicley-Kubis – a 7-year-old student at Mannsville Manor Elementary School. After many tumultuous months of doctor’s visits and uncertainty, Mabel was diagnosed with juvenile idiopathic arthritis. Staring into a scary future, Mabel’s older siblings and a community jumped to action. In this conversation, we present a great example of community philanthropy – how it helped Mabel, educated a community, and inspired others to give.

Rebecca Sicley
John Kubis
Mabel Sicley-Kubis
Joshua Sicley
Cora Sicley

“We live here, and we should make (it) the best possible place to live for us and everyone else.”
– Cora Sicley

  • 4:35

    Learning to give at a young age

  • 9:55

    Mabel’s battle with juvenile arthritis

  • 16:25

    Stepping up to help Mabel and raise awareness

  • 21:50

    The future of Mabel’s Mission



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