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Sylvia Heap


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Sylvia Heap has devoted her life to citizen philanthropy. For nearly 60 years, local institutions, non-profits, projects and programs have been given a boost because of Sylvia’s passion and leadership. On this podcast, she shares the impact of philanthropy on her and her family. She talks about her work in establishing Jefferson Community College, public broadcasting in the region, and much more. Plus, she offers some advice for the next generation interested in getting involved in their community.

Sylvia Heap

“I think, as we grow older, this is an important part of our lives … that we realize that what we are leaving behind is going to be helpful (to this community).”
– Sylvia Heap

  • 1:10

    Sylvia and her husband, Walker, arrive in Watertown

  • 12:10

    Helping with the establishment of Jefferson Community College

  • 17:20

    The debut of public television to the North Country

  • 24:10

    Reflecting on what being philanthropic has meant to Sylvia

  • 27:40

    The family’s legacy in giving back to the North Country



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