Season 1,

T. Urling and Mabel Walker


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After more than 60 years in the North Country, Tom and Mabel Walker discuss who inspired them to give, factors behind their community involvement, and why educating the next generation about philanthropy is important.  Plus, Tom talks about his tenure as mayor for the city of Watertown, and Mabel provides insight into establishing a prominent Jefferson County non-profit.

T. Urling Walker
Mabel Walker

“No matter how much you give, or how little you give, it takes every single person to make (a community) work. It isn’t just a couple doing it. It’s the whole community working together.”
– Mabel Walker

  • 3:15

    The Walkers arrive in the North Country

  • 11:00

    Deciding to settle in Watertown

  • 20:20

    The creation of Hospice of Jefferson County

  • 25:55

    The community through the mayor’s eyes

  • 41:00

    Expectations of giving


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