Season 3,

Thomas J. Yousey


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“Giving back should make someone feel awesome.” That’s the way Thomas J. Yousey views his philanthropy. His spirit for helping others has been integrated through local schools, municipalities, churches and more. Tom offers a glimpse into his passion for teaching, caring for communities, and being there for loved ones. He shares some of his most meaningful messages, and the impact of giving in tandem with his wife, Linda.

Thomas J. Yousey

“Our communities need our time and our talent as much as they need our money. I think a philanthropist is a person who gives extraordinarily of themselves for no other reason than to build their community.”
– Thomas J. Yousey

  • 6:16

    Learning to love education

  • 22:18

    Motivation to become mayor

  • 35:30

    Three defining quotes

  • 46:50

    Inspiration from Linda



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