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The Northern New York Community Foundation created a Youth Philanthropy Council to give high school students a glimpse into the world of community philanthropy and the nonprofit sector. Since the program began, close to 150 high school students from five different area schools have participated in the program. More than 90 grants to nonprofits in Jefferson, Lewis and St. Lawrence counties have been awarded by the council, totaling close to $150,000. The tangible outcomes from the grants are noteworthy and meaningful, but the real progress is being made within the council itself.

High school students learn to lead, collaborate, and make a true difference in their community. A spirit of philanthropy builds inside each student. On this podcast, we bring in four former Youth Philanthropy Council members. They share their reflections from their time on the council, but also dive into what they learned as they embark on the opening chapter of their professional careers and also how they plan to give back in the future.

Marcus Lavarnway
Sarah Van Eenenaam
Sara Glover
Dominic Uliano IV

I think not only did it change my outlook on my community and philanthropy as a whole and what it means, but it also taught me leadership. … I think it taught me really great life skills, and I think moving forward, the lessons that I’ve learned via philanthropy will be with me for a long time to come.

– Marcus Lavarnway

I learned that philanthropy it’s a perpetual motion machine. By lifting up others around you, you hope to inspire others to do the same. It taught me the responsibility of those fortunate enough to have means to share it with others.

– Sarah Van Eenenaam

I think that it’s important not to hold back. If there’s anything that you feel really passionate about, just go for it. Use your voice to help the community as much as you can and really just go for it.

– Sara Glover

I think my mindset on it has changed. I know I’m leaving so that’s ironic, but I definitely have plans on coming back after. Get out for a little while, go learn about the world, but come back and give back because this community gave me so much that I was definitely not appreciative of when I was a student. But now looking back, it’s a great place to grow up really. It provides a lot of things that in other cities or places across the U.S. you just don’t get.

– Dominic Uliano IV

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    Marcus Lavarnway

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    Sarah Van Eenenaam

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    Sara Glover

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    Dominic Uliano IV



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